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For those that appreciate a more subtle, natural, and organic feel to their living environment, Studio A Home – a Global Views Company, was created for you. The same great quality of manufacture and design as Global Views – and all of the same categories of home products including tables, consoles, and chairs, sculpture, art, and glass. Invent your own unique home setting by mixing, matching and blending Studio A Home and Global Views.



  1. Seed Beaded Pillow-Gold/Black

    Seed Beaded Pillow-Gold/Black

    For hundreds of years artisans have turned to natural forms for design inspiration, color direction, and pattern direction. In the Southwest, Native American ceramic artists, basket makers, weavers, and painters give new expression to these forms and apply them on variety of both utilitarian and decorative objects and textiles. The graphic and modern designs defining these beaded pillows comes from the dramatic landscape and natural world found in the Southwest.

    Patina Bois Vase-Aged Brown

    Patina Bois Vase-Aged Brown

    Portuguese slip-molded ceramic with an organic tree-like shape and glaze mimicing the patina of rusted iron.

  2. Leaning Vase-Sandstone

    Leaning Vase-Sandstone

    Our Leaning Vase is made of Ecomix and has rattan wrapped handles.



    Interesting, clever sculpture made of rollerpins used to roll out chapati bread in India.

  3. Emory Chest

    Emory Chest

    The Emory Chest front panels are made of resin and perfectly juxtapose the wire-brushed eucalyptus frame. Two doors with an adjustable shelf.

    Pinched Decanters and Glasses-Grey

    Pinched Decanters and Glasses-Grey

    The Pinched Collection is mouth-blown Italian glassware with pinched detail.

  4. Twist Vase-Ivory

    Twist Vase-Ivory

    Influenced by the adornment of sculptural golden earrings worn by the Peul tribe noblewomen in Mali. Portuguese slip cast ceramic.

    Leaf Bowls-Black Nickel

    Leaf Bowls-Black Nickel

    Cast aluminum in a free-form shape of a leaf with gunmetal finish.

  5. Alder Sectional

    Alder Sectional

    Our Alder Sectional is a contemporary armless sectional with open seating perfect for relaxing. The interchangeable units provide multiple configuration options and the locking hardware assures each unit stays connected and in place once assembled. Extra loft padding on each seat cushion provides unimaginable comfort and firmness. Our fabric is rated for high traffic and wear and is treated to provide years of protection from stain and moisture damage. Each chair includes matching lumbar pillow except ottoman.

    Etruscan Vase

    Etruscan Vase

    Inspired by the Etruscan civilization of ancient Italy, our Etruscan Vases are Italian ceramic with a gunmetal and reactive green glaze. The hand-painted warriors and horses are representative of that time.

  6. Timber Mirror-Brass

    Timber Mirror-Brass

    An actual timber log is cut into panels to form the frame of our Timber Mirror. A layer of brass metal sheeting is applied by hammer to highlight the grain of the wood.

    Primitive Vase-Bronze

    Primitive Vase-Bronze

    The Primitive Vase is Portuguese molded porcelain with a natural, organic feel and a reactive bronze glaze. Truly a one of a kind art vase.

  7. Rust Cylinder Raku Vases

    Rust Cylinder Raku Vases

    Hand formed vessels with a highly reactive Raku-like glaze on ceramic. No two are alike.

    Cojin Pillow-Light Grey

    Cojin Pillow-Light Grey

    Made from Peruvian alpaca wool, our beautifully woven Cojin Pillow is a cozy addition to any living space. We are proud to support Peru and the development of a sustainable industry that treats the Alpaca with care and dignity.

  8. Duet Vases-Amber/Grey

    Duet Vases-Amber/Grey

    The Duet Vase is exquisite mouth blown art glass.

    Modernist Urn-Terrazzo

    Modernist Urn-Terrazzo

    Inspired by the ever chic 1940's high design, this collection pushes the boundaries of form and function. Hand cast in plaster with natural terrazzo finish.

  9. Stretch Vases-Sage

    Stretch Vases-Sage

    Reminiscent of the 1960's lava glaze ceramics, The Stretch Vases are slip cast vessels that nest/straddle each other.

    Paper Birch Vase-Sage

    Paper Birch Vase-Sage

    Inspired by the linear grain of the birch tree, our Paper Birch Vases have deckled edges, reactive sage colored glaze and are watertight.

  10. Kantha "C" Abstract Design w/Metal Frame

    Kantha "C" Abstract Design w/Metal Frame

    Our Kantha Abstract Design are made from vintage cotton saris converted into throw blankets. Kantha is a type of embroidery craft in Bangladesh and the Indian states of West Bengal. Each piece is unique. Can hang all four ways with 12" metal cleat provided.

    Totem Vases-Antique White

    Totem Vases-Antique White

    The ornate Totem Vase Collection is slip cast Portuguese ceramic with hand applied highlights.

  11. Graffiti Square Vase

    Graffiti Square Vase

    The Graffiti Square Vase is slip cast Italian ceramic with hand scribed and painted decoration.

    S/3 Sand Casted Nesting Consoles-Gold frame w/Black Top

    S/3 Sand Casted Nesting Consoles-Gold frame w/Black Top

    A gold finished frame perfectly juxtaposed with a black finished top in this set of three rectangular nesting console tables. An irregular texture is created on the top of these tables through the process of sandcasting.

  12. Burst Sculptures-Brass w/Black Granite

    Burst Sculptures-Brass w/Black Granite

    Abstract cast solid brass on black granite base.

    Raindrop Chandelier

    Raindrop Chandelier

    Suspended loops of soft glowing dimmable light offer a dramatic and functional accent to any environment. The LED light source located in each suspended light head interacts with air entrapped bubbles in the shaped acrylic rod to create a dramatic focal point. Individual adjustment options allow for endless configurations and the extendable cloth covered power cords with lengths of up to 6 feet permits placement above a dining room table or in a stairway entry. The perfect conversation piece for any space!

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