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Ribbed Glass-Olive

Ribbed Glass Vase-Olive-Sm

Overall 12"H x 7.25"Dia. (8.1 lbs)
Overall 30.48cm H x 18.42cm Dia. (3.67 kg)
Ribbed Glass Low Compote Bowl-Olive

Overall 3"H x 13.5"Dia. (5.22 lbs)
Overall 7.62cm H x 34.29cm Dia. (2.37 kg)
Ribbed Glass Vase-Olive-Lg

Overall 16"H x 7.25"Dia. (10.4 lbs)
Overall 40.64cm H x 18.42cm Dia. (4.72 kg)
Solid olive green glass is pulled from the oven in a molten blob. The ovens that hold and heat this colored glass are primed and filled with one color at a time for a full production run in a single color like our olive green. The blob is then blown into a heavily machined ribbed steel mold. Each item requires it own uniquely sized and shaped steel mold for production. The factory must prepare up to 10 of these molds to "flow" the production in a smooth process - rather than to use the same mold again and again. These molds are expensive for our factory to produce, but are required for such a detailed piece of glass. The primary point here is to explain the difference between a machined steel mold, which can create these perfectly spaced ridges. Versus a wooden mold, which would not stand up nor give this level of detail to the hand blown piece of glass. Each piece must travel through a cool down process known as an annealing oven, which helps fortify the molten glass into a stable piece of useable art. The top edges of each are hand-ground on a stone wheel that utilizes water and sand to smooth the top edge in what is called a "cold cut" process.
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